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nimbuzz pc terbaru

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Win 2000/XP/Vista/7/8
Latest version:
13.10 15/2/13
Last month's downloads:
48 MB
Publisher: :

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User reviews nimbuzz pc terbaru

  • December 10, 2012, 14:06 | Posted by Jason1973

    by far the worst browser in the history of the universe - i know i go on about it but i had to restore a c image just to get rid of it. if you try it, you have parts of it for good.
  • November 13, 2012, 02:47 | Posted by Neil1971

    hp web jetadmin link is here...unfortunately the given link is broken. i made a research on hp's ftp site and found the software here:
  • October 06, 2012, 20:51 | Posted by Ethan1988

    jriver is not bloated, it opens quickly and is very responsive, and has very few peers in functionality. you would have to be deaf not to immediately hear sound quality improvement over even media monkey and foobar, and especially the slow and clunky itunes. sound quality should be the main concern, and jriver has no equal in this area. it burns, rips, sync, and plays almost all formats including flac, (mp3 is garbage) handles video, photos, even pdf, (for pdf, nitro is better). and no, you do not need high end audiophile quality equipment to hear the difference, but appreciating the difference is another matter. if you experience lag, it is a hardware or conflict issue, most likely not enough ram. many people expect every new program should run on 8-10 year old hardware without any lag which is not realistic. also, although integrated motherboard sound has improved, there is no comparison to a good sound card (ht omega or auzentech or asus).
  • December 10, 2012, 16:24 | Posted by средневек1989

    404 errors all around. unable to download the codec pack. in the past, however, the codec packs were great.
  • February 19, 2013, 04:43 | Posted by Malcom1975

    not bad at all, but still buggy and needs some work.if you want free icon editor with similar capabilities try - greenfish icon editor pro 3.0.
  • December 04, 2012, 12:37 | Posted by Allen1981 are on my back and trying to proof the world that i tell a lie but i am looking at the reality and you are the one that is living in wonderland, when i overreact i still not telling a are trying to get your truth whatever it takes, the truth is that for the moment the fact is that time will tell how private trackers are going to react on utp and for now utorrent 2.xx is not recommended.people are critical and maybe you only want to see yesshakers and 5* reviews, well they are not allways, deal with it. here is whole banned client reality from a huge private tracker once again. i have nothing to proof or to loose, i just want to run torrents as you do and nobody asked for utp and i am not gonna swallow what i cant eat.the discussion should be "who is to blame" : utp in version 2.xx or the private tracker banning this client for a good reason?****************************************************************important torrent client information!this is important, by sunday 2nd may at 23:59 the tracker blacklist will be updated. if you are using a non allowed client you will receive the error of banned client, so please change your clients to approved clients.over the next few days the blacklist will be getting updated by client. vuze & utorrent being the last on tracker restart is needed from now on due to site upgradesclients in alpha or beta should be avoided(with the exception of utorrentmac)!these are the clients that are allowed:multi-platform clients (windows, linux and mac)vuze (versions,,, or recommended ( win mac linux )azureus/vuze downgrade info here(vuze 4.3.x.x & 4.4.x.x are banned)bittornado (version 0.3.17 or 0.3.18) (aka torrentflux)windows clientsutorrent (versions 1.6.1, 1.7.7, 1.8.2 and 1.8.3) recommended (get 1.8.3 here) utorrent downgrade info here(utorrent,, > are banned)deluge 1.2.3mac clientstransmission (version 1.22, 1.42, 1.52, 1.54, 1.61, 1.74, or 1.76 or or 1.82 or 1.83 or 1.92)rtorrent (versions 0.8.2/0.12.2, 0.8.4/0.12.4, and 0.8.5/0.12.5)utorrentmac (versions and - note: this is an allowed beta version. (get here) linux clientstransmission (version 1.22, 1.42, 1.52, 1.54, 1.61, 1.74, or 1.76 ,1.83 or 1.92)rtorrent (versions 0.8.2/0.12.2, 0.8.4/0.12.4, 0.8.5/0.12.5 and 0.8.6/0.12.6 ) (aka libtorrent / wtorrent / rutorrent / rtgui)ktorrent (version 2.2.8, 3.2.3, 3.2.4, 3.2.5, or 3.3.0)deluge (version 1.1.7, 1.1.8, 1.1.9 or 1.2.3)effective immediately bittorrent and mainline and bits on wheels and abcare now banned from the tracker as they are currently banned clients.please ensure to change to an acceptable torrent clientyou have been given fair warning so please change your client as soon as possible. guides for downgrading can be found in the read this first section of the forums.
  • October 26, 2012, 16:05 | Posted by Gervase1985

    @vodimitriy,funny, i can open presentations with openoffice 3.4.
  • October 26, 2012, 20:05 | Posted by Titus1984

    use superantispyware as passive along with malwarebytes' anti-malware and clamwin antivirus to have a right click properties context menu to scan downloaded with any security scanning software, none will be 100% effective.@gatorfan95... i didn't get the chrome install on sas's custom install. however, i did not allow the installer any internet access via my firewall(comodo firewall). maybe that's the reason.update: gatorfan95, ok, i gotcha now. yea, an 'express' install in this case would not be recommended. avast av was another that was installing chrome without knowledge. happened to me on version 7 when i gave it a try. i still like sas regardless. i'll just have to be extra extra careful about installing any software nowadays.
  • October 08, 2012, 14:29 | Posted by Albert1989

    5 for the app (having used earlier betas)but nod32 reports 'probably a variant of win32/gentik trojan' about 80% through the download of rc1 from betanews. and terminates the download.

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nimbuzz pc terbaru


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