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nimbuzz for samsung galaxy y duos

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Win 2000/XP/Vista/7/8
Latest version:
11.19 16/9/12
Last month's downloads:
79 MB
Publisher: :

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TESTED VIRUS FREE - nimbuzz for samsung galaxy y duos

nimbuzz for samsung galaxy y duos is virus-free!

We've analyzed the latest version of nimbuzz for samsung galaxy y duos with 30 antivirus engines and found that it’s virus-free.

Download nimbuzz for samsung galaxy y duos

User reviews nimbuzz for samsung galaxy y duos

  • October 08, 2012, 05:05 | Posted by Randolph1977

    i installed to hard drive, then downloaded the separate virus programs one-by-one. that worked fine. avert works as it should.i'll give it a 4.version 2.1 from avert sitewell, i can't get anything to work properly. i selected to download all the scanners, and only asquared downloaded. i tried custom scan with asquared, and it gave a error message and died. avert did not reappear.this was done from a usb drive. i'll try to install on hard drive later.
  • December 20, 2012, 00:31 | Posted by Absolom1989

    desktop icon toy is not a gimmick or just a party toy, but a well thought out missing desktop tool and inspired novelty that makes my desktop life more organized and enjoyable. i thought when i first saw it's description that it would be fun for about 5 minutes. however, the ability to save and restore layouts peeked my interest. so, after installing desktop icon toy v2.6 i was amazed at it's functionality to lock down my unruly desktop jungle. i am finally able to uninstall an outdated, no longer supported windows 95 clunker that only poorly saved my desktop icon positions. now i can truly organize them and save their layout and have peace of mind that they will always be where i need them. not only that, i can now lock them in place so if my touchpad accidentally picks one up, that move is rejected and it is summarily and cutely returned to it's original position. the various shapes and patterns are a hit at office parties and the clock reminds us of our deadlines. this program is continually updated and now includes the ability to export your settings, and password protection of your layout.please support these innovative programmers who are continually working to fix and improve desktop icon toy by buying and using this great utility tool."
  • September 15, 2012, 16:26 | Posted by Gorden1980

    the problem with this program is that those who are security conscious are removing altogether java because it's an ongoing liability - it's good in that you can keep up with the latest exploit fix but you are better off without java on your pc if you can live without it - java remains on only one of my pc's for the odd time i need it.
  • November 01, 2012, 11:20 | Posted by Leopold1981

    after using asc pro ( up to v.3.30), as well as many other "cleaner" programs, i find it to be a reliable program that can only be made better if its developers keep it from becoming tooooo big, and focus their attention on the basic need for good file and reg cleaning.what users need to realize is that asc, like any similar program, can be very destructive if you don't make a point to set it up according to your system needs, most important is choosing options and using the "ignore list' in order to avoid loosing unprotected files/reg entries. this is often why people blame the program whenever something goes horribly wrong. i've had this argument many times with others that feel that the software should be non-destructive if you don't mess with the options menu, but that's simply impossible considering that all systems are basically unique as far as software/hardware configurations are concerned. the point is that if you find it too complex to set up then use a safer & less effective program. like that you won't have any major a result, you have to do a bit of work in order to tweak any program that you need to work well for you.
  • May 12, 2013, 21:10 | Posted by Quintin1975

    the most useless knock-off of mozilla firefox i've ever seen.i've just compared palemoon to firefox using kraken and sunspider benchmarks and in both cases firefox was at least 12% faster.i have a second generation intel core i5 cpu and lots of ram, so my computer is quite fresh and powerful.
  • February 05, 2013, 01:19 | Posted by Clement1979

    audacity will do the same thing for free.
  • November 15, 2012, 11:40 | Posted by Edgar1989

    this is going to be great with a bit more work, at the moment works a little bit chunky, not able to customize too much, but still a handy little app. only going to get better
  • May 03, 2013, 10:30 | Posted by Rollo1980

    resistance is futile, you will be assimilated. in my estimation in a year chrome will be the number one browser for thinking users. with ie number one among the masses.
  • May 02, 2013, 11:32 | Posted by Tod1982

    why not just do a search for god mode and enable it in the registry so it sits on your desktop.all your settings at your finger tips.good for vista/win 7

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nimbuzz for samsung galaxy y duos


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